Setting the example

Ang unang hakbang ay ang pagkakaroon ng tuwid at tapat na hanay ng mga pinuno. Magsisimula ito sa akin. Sisikapin kong maging isang mabuting ehemplo!

The first step is to have leaders who are ethical, honest and true public servants. I will set the example. I will strive to be a good model. I will not break the trust you have placed in me!

President NoyNoy Aquino
Inauguration Address
June 30, 2010 | Quirino Grandstand



For all the unworthy and the unqualified, especially those who got appointments by sheer political accommodation and connection, resign and relinquish your position.
For once in your life, summon some sense of propriety!
Please, resign and go!

"You have sat too long
for any good you have been doing .....
Depart, I say;
and let us have done with you.
In the name of God, go!"
- Oliver Cromwell


Rule well!

Congratulations to President-elect
Benigno Simeon "NoyNoy" C. Aquino III
and Vice-President-elect
Jejomar "Jojo" C. Binay!

In all honor and integrity -
as the great Scorpion King dispatched -
May God bless you and the country!