Snowy Syracuse

It's snow white here, there and all over! Cool! It's for human eyes' delectation! 

But damn, it's cooold! Freezing temperatures these past weeks. I will never love the winter! But as they say, enjoy the first time; it might be the last time (unless climate change brings snow to the Philippines).

So what's cool and what's not?

Snow is an amazing creation! Flurries are better than rains. But I hate the snow glare or winter glare; it triggers my migraine.

Dread the snow ice when it starts to subside; they're extremely slippery. Black ice is dangerously deceiving; it's every driver's, jogger's and commuter's nightmare.

Fresh cool air, bereft of air pollution whatsoever. But extreme temperature bleeds the nose, whew! (I miss Philippine pollution).

When winter wind combines with snow or rain, it's fatally freezing and biting!

Winter fashion! With all my thermal tops and suits. Bonnets and hoods. Gloves. Neck warmers. Balaclavas. Fleece jackets (I learn to love fleece). Balloon jackets for snow. Winter socks and snow boots. But they're heavy, with 3-4 layers on the tops. Seems like space suits in the movies. Trench coats are my favorites, but not the wools (too itchy to be cool).

My electronic warmer blanket is weird, but it works!

Amazing ski mountain resort. Cool ski gadgets and ski fashion. Poor me, a pure terra firma creature. Couldn't glide on snow and ice, as I don't also swim on water.

Who says you cannot jog on snow? I am really amused to see people jogging on snow, even in shorts, even in dusk where temperatures suddenly drop. I will try jogging on snow, sans the black ice.

Have not tried the snowman, but should soon do so!

So this is snow!