2 polls closed

Two polls are now closed at this blog's polling station. The first poll has to do with the presidentiables for 2010, and the second poll is about Sen. NoyNoy Aquino. We are completing and closing these polls because of the new political realignments in the Philippines as well as the formal decision of Sen. Aquino to run for the presidency.

We will monitor the coming weeks as new configurations will emerge. Let's watch out for the tandems; this could be our next poll on the 2010 elections.

The first poll is: Who should be the next President of the Philippines?

We have been running this poll for about 2 months, and 64 voters participated in the poll. How did these 64 voters vote?

  • Sen. Manny Villar - 17 votes (27%)
  • Sen. Mar Roxas - 13 votes (20%)
  • Sen. Dick Gordon - 8 votes (13%)
  • Bro. Eddie Villanueva - 5 votes (8%)
  • Metro Manila Chair Bayani Fernando - 4 votes (6%)
  • Fr. Ed Panlilio - 3 votes (5%)
  • Chief Justice Reynato Puno - 2 votes (3%)
  • Gov. Grace Padaca - 2 votes (3%)
1 vote each (1%):
  • Vice President Noli de Castro
  • Sen. Loren Legarda
  • Sen. Ping Lacson
  • Civil Society Activist Nick Perlas
0 vote each (0%)
  • Sec. Gibo Teodoro
  • Councilor JC de los Reyes
Others - 6 votes (9%)

Mar Roxas, Ed Panlilio and Grace Padaca all withdrew their plans in favor of Sen. NoyNoy. Supreme Court Chief Justice Reynato Puno is very unequivocal in his position not to run since the very beginning. And other potential candidates are expected to re-align in the coming weeks.

The second poll is: What do you want Sen. NoyNoy Aquino to run for in 2010?

We run this poll for 2 weeks only, and there were 23 voters who participated, 23 souls who believe that Sen. NoyNoy Aquino should:

  • Run as President - 12 votes (52%)
  • Run as Vice President - 4 votes (17%)
  • Not Run - 4 votes (17%)
  • Not Sure - 2 votes (9%)
  • Others - 1 vote (4%)

So these two polls are now officially CLOSED. The other polling questions are still open (we will close a polling question when there is a major change in directions). Just go to the polling station in this blog!