An act of disgrace!

(photo courtesy of http://www.inquirer.net)

This is unprecedented!

No Philippine president has done this in our country's history, at least not in our modern days' past. She may be legally allowed to run for a lower post, but this really leaves a very very bad taste.

How can now the president oversee a peaceful and credible election in 2010? How can she now ensure a proper transition and turnover of government? How can she exercise political will and ascendancy if she is so tied with partisan political campaign? This is not a good presidential act!

Two schools of thought are emerging on why President GMA wants to run for a Congressional seat in the 2010 elections: (1) her lust for power and (2) her lawsuit shield.

A third reason -- a future agenda towards a parliamentary form of government -- is not anymore far-fetched! She can easily become the House Speaker in the short term. And most probably, a Prime Minister in the long term.

President GMA committed a dishonor in her position as president, and maybe for the country! She just blundered by this disdainful act of disgrace! She missed a very good opportunity (probably her last) to become a great president. I gave my unsolicited advise on how President GMA can still become a great president, but she just again lost my vote.

In various Ehem networks, we have been running this online poll for the past three months:

"Are you in favor of GMA running again for any elective post in the upcoming 2010 elections?"

95 voters participated, and they responded overwhelmingly into:

Yes, it is ok -- 5 votes (5%)
No, not anymore -- 88 votes (93%)
Not sure -- 2 votes (2%)
TOTAL votes -- 95 (100%)

Let us all remember, fellow countrymen -- Hello Garci in 2004, 12-0 in 2007. And now, the Pampangga connection for 2010!

Sayang GMA, sayang!

May God bless this country!