Blue Valentine

It's a blue Valentine's Day to be far away
but blue roses are as lovely as the red.
Yet, even if my favorite color 
is so alive as a flower,
romance in a foreign winter land
is chilling cold and sadder!

This lovely poem is dedicated to those 
who shared romance with their loved ones 
- from a distance!

On this Valentine's Day
when you are so far, far away
I would not do anything special
that I wouldn’t do for you any other day

So I ask, why wait for some made up day
When I can show you how I feel each day
Kiss on your head, small bite on your ears
What you see is my love overflowing as tears

Flowers, candy, cards and more
Things you can easily buy from a store
But the gift of love I’ve saved for you
But that my darling, you already knew
(c) 2008 by Gerard C. Johnson