Erupting Erap

Reading in between the lines of GMA's SONA, a very strong message has been sent. These lines are hard-hitting:

"I am accused of misgovernance. Many of those who accuse me of it left me the problem of their misgovernance to solve. And we did it….. Those who should be in jail should not threaten it, especially if they have been there!"

I read this to refer to past administration officials, who also had their fair share of scandals and misgovernance. And in apparent reference to former President Estrada and maybe other officials like him, "those who should be in jail should not threaten it, especially if they have been there!"

Will a person who availed of amnesty endeavor to attack the one who granted the amnesty? There is some betrayal here, and a potential destabilization
if the political attack will fuel a political crisis! Given the stature and resources of the former president, the country cannot afford to dismiss and disregard the magnitude of the political volatility.

With all the problems and scandals that seriously hound the incumbent administration, we certainly reject another major problem that will destabilize the country.

Talks of Erap doing a political come-back and possibly run for president in 2010 are exacerbating the increasing public uneasiness brought about by ConAss moves, term extension, automated elections and the unresolved corruption scandals among others. Erap threatens to run if the opposition cannot unite themselves, but I am not sure if this move will unite the country. With all its legal and political complications, I feel an Erap's comeback will stir up old tensions and foment more division.

President Erap, please do not erupt!
Probono publico
, for the good of the public,
for the good of the living generation!

The preacher James Freeman Clarke (1810-1888) wrote:
A politician thinks of the next election.
A statesman, of the next generation!

May God bless this country,
and bless us with more statesmen!