Sutton's Law

Sutton's Law

Go where the money is!

This is the Sutton's Law which is often cited in medical schools to teach and train new physicians to spend resources where they are most likely to pay off. This is classical economic principle of maximization, as well as conventional management rule of efficiency. We all want the highest yield and return and output for every input and resource we have invested.

Not only doctors and medical practitioners, but all professions involved in commerce have to go by the Sutton's Law. After schooling and training, it is time for pay back. It is time to go and earn where there is pay off.

Sutton's Law is named after the prolific and legendary bank robber Willie Sutton (1901-1980), who when asked why he robbed banks allegedly claimed to have answered -- "because that's where the money is!" Interestingly, after serving most of his life in prison and became a free man, Sutton advocated for prison reforms and did consultancy on anti-robbery techniques. Indeed, experto crede -- believe one who speaks from experience!

INSIGHTS: There is no problem in going where the money is for maximization of profit, if done in fair play, transparency and with a sense of justice, and not through deceptive marketing, irresponsible sweet-talking, and deliberate coaxing. This is the reason why we need to train and equip managers and leaders with development perspectives. There is such a thing as corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, human resource development, triple bottomline and just investment.


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