What is Management?
Adopted from M. Scott Myers' Rhymes of the Ancient Manager (1994).

The purpose of all management

is to cultivate motivation
and manage innovation.
Perpetuating the status quo
is leadership abdication.

Managers who bluff their way
as though they know it all,
not hearing voices from below,
will self-destruct and fall.

Managers are like other folks
who reach life's half-way mark;
some arrive enlightened,
some are in the dark.

For most it is the zenith,
beginning downward trends
few go beyond the middle rung
in growth that never ends.

Most managers follow
the path where others go;
few take the path less traveled,
to seek the next plateau.

Insights from the less trod path
presented on our life's pages,
are tips for self-renewal
gleaned throughout the ages.